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10 easy and smart ways to boost your energy

Hey there! By clicking on this article, you already made the most important step! You want your energy back, and you are ready to achieve that! Ba patient with yourself because you are in the first place, right?

Here you are 10 powerful energy boosters.

#1 Learn to breathe

This may sound strange, but most of us don’t breathe properly. Try this simple test – take a deep breath in. Note whether your stomach goes in or out when you inhale. Your stomach should go out when you inhale and in when you exhale. When you are not breathing properly you can reduce the amount of oxygen you take in by up to one third, and we need oxygen for energy. To improve your breathing technique, try this exercise. Squat, resting your buttocks on your heels. Straighten your back, put your hand on your hips and inhale deeply. Hold for a few seconds, then exhale for as long as you can, contract your abdominal muscles and hold for five seconds. Repeat.

#2 Detoxify

Cleansing the system through liquids is an effective way of flushing out toxins to allow the body to function more efficiently and boost energy levels. Cut out all stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, and fizzy drinks for at least two weeks. Instead, drink lots of water, up to three pints a day, and drink cleansing teas such as chamomile, mint, and grapefruit. You might also want to take a milk thistle supplement to aid the detoxification of the liver.

#3 Curb your carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in our foods provide us with an easily accessible form of energy, but the type of carbohydrates we eat can make a big difference to our energy levels. Sugary foods are renowned for providing energy, but sugars such as glucose are simple carbohydrates that swiftly enter the bloodstream to give a quick energy boost followed by a sharp drop.

Reduce your intake of refined sugary foods and instead eat plenty of starchy foods that provide complex carbohydrates that need to be digested before they can be absorbed the bloodstream. These give a more sustained burst of energy. For the best-prolonged effect, try to ensure you stick to unrefined foods such as wholemeal bread, pasta or rice instead of white refined versions.

#4 Supplement your energy

For an energy lift, try ginseng, guarana or noni. A good supply of the B vitamins are needed for energy production in the body. Vitamin E is sometimes known as the vitality vitamin as it helps improve the use of oxygen in the body. Co-enzyme Q10 is needed to aid the mitochondria, the powerhouse of our cells in the transformation of food into the body fuel ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy on which our body runs.

#5 Increase your minerals

Nothing in the body can work without minerals, and we often lack energy because we aren’t absorbing enough essential minerals from our food. The main everyday mineral requirements are calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, and zinc. You can find many of these minerals in nuts and seeds. Chromium is found mostly in whole foods, nuts, and seeds as well as asparagus and mushrooms. Many minerals are also found in green vegetables. As it quite hard to get the correct amount of minerals every day, you should take a daily mineral supplement that contains these essential minerals.

#6 Eat less more often

Large meals tend to leave you feeling tired afterward as the body is working hard to digest all that food. During your energizing program, try eating five small meals or snacks a day instead of three large meals. This way you will preserve more energy as well as reducing periods of energy dips during the day.

#7 Help your bowels

Sluggish bowels are a major cause of energy loss. To help your bowels function more efficiently, increase your intake of fibre. Ge your fibre from fruit, lentils, beans, selenium husks, seeds, and steamed vegetables. You can also try an acidophilus supplement which will restore the level of good flora (friendly bacteria) into your gut. These become depleted for a number of reasons, including through food intolerance, excess alcohol, antibiotics, a stomach bug or an intestinal fungal infection.

#8 Reduce your stress

Being constantly full of tension can be exhausting. High levels of stress cause your adrenal gland to produce an excess of stress hormones, namely adrenaline. The production of these hormones improves oxygen and glucose flow to the muscles, which slows down digestion, repair, and maintenance to the rest of the body, leaving you feeling tired out. Prolonged stress can cause chronic fatigue. Practice lowering your stress levels using regular and simple relaxation techniques. Lie down and close your eyes. Starting at your toes, first clench them as hard as you can and then relax. Work your way up your body clenching and relaxing different muscles, ending with pushing your tongue as hard as you can against the roof your mouth and then relax it. It should take about 15 minutes.

#9 Exercise

Exercising is key to boosting energy levels. Through exercise, you speed up your metabolism. You also burn more of your food energy into muscle than fat, which means that overall the body becomes stronger and less burdened. Make sure you do some form of exercise that speeds up your heartbeat for a good 20 minutes at least four times a week. At least two of these exercise sessions should be impact exercises such as jogging, skipping or dancing. In addition to these, try an energy building technique such as tai chi, aikido or yoga. Exercising in the morning rather than at night will also give you more energy throughout the day.

#10 Protect your immune system

When your energy levels are low your immune system is likely to be down too – and you’ll be especially vulnerable to infection. Protect yourself by taking a few crucial immune-boosting supplements such as echinacea, garlic, and vitamin C. The very best immune booster is sleep, so get plenty of it, and stay away from late-night parties for a few weeks to let your body recover.


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