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5 signs that you may be dealing with a psychopath

Psychologists are saying, according to the data, that 1 to 4 percent of the entire population on the Earths are psychopaths. So, it is possible that you met or maybe dated one, but you haven’t noticed.

What is psychopathy?

According to Psychology today, psychopathy it is a difficult mental disorder, and it is also not easy to spot, especially for people who are not experts. People with this disorder usually appear normal, but they lack guilt, empathy, they can not feel sincere remorse for hurting others, usually lying to others and have irrational emotional reactions. For sure they can be manipulative and also reckless at risk-taking.

How you can recognize psychopath?

  • They are “charming”

When you meet a psychopath they will fascinate you. You will get compliments, call, messages, and things will probably move fast.

  • Lies and manipulation

They will make up a story and you will think it is true. They are a few steps in front of you, and because they lack empathy, you won’t notice that they are not telling the truth. Psychopaths need to be superior in the relationship, so they will easily manipulate. When they are confronted about their behavior, they will show you a long list of excuses.

  • Breaking the rules

They don’t care about the rules, or if their action will hurt someone! For them, their goal is the most important, and they will do anything to accomplish that. They don’t have a sense of morality or if something is wrong or bad.

  • Playing victim

They don’t like responsibility and won’t take one for their own behavior. If something bad happens and it is their fault, they will toss the blame to others, but also convince everyone that didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Emotionally “handicapped”

Psychopaths show a lack of emotion, and the most common one are shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment.


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