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7 reasons why You look like bankrupt although it’s not a true

Does this guy look like a successful businessman, a well-organized person, someone who you should give money to, and after all, a person who will take money back? Hm.
Do you feel partiality to him? Would you drink a coffee or glass of wine with him? Hm.

Maybe this guy is all of that. Perhaps he is a millionaire, we don’t know. But he looks like someone from social margins.

Let’s take a look at you. Do you think that you aren’t on a level which you deserve it? Have you an impression that others earn more money than you although you are smarter or better professional? They enjoy reputation and respect, and you feel like a dumb?

If you recognize yourself, it’s the right time to think about what kind of impression do you leave?

If you’ve ever wondered how some people can be “well packed” and “expensive,” in addition to strong self-confidence, they certainly do not do any of these things.

So, here you are the reasons why you cannot sell yourself so well.

Your shoes aren’t tidy (and new)

Maybe it’s ok for you to jump into “everyday” shoes or snickers. But if your shoes are dirty, old and damaged, trust me, there is no difference between you and a messy guy who cames to the bank.

If you don’t have enough money or dozens of shoes, it is no reason for keeping it dirty!

The rag and shoe polish everyone can afford! If you are a girl, please change orderly heel tips because nothing is disgusting as a female shoe which provides the sound as a mallet.

Your trace stinks on tobacco

How can someone be careless (to his health and environment) and absorb so much smoke and nicotine that his clothes stink?
What should we think about this person? He lives in a micro apartment without windows where is competition in smoking!

We don’t want to judge you, but, if you are a smoker, please open windows orderly, protect (and wash) your clothes, find a solution to refresh the air.

You look like hunchbacked

Ok, let’s go again to primary school! Teachers were warning us to sit and walk straight. A few decades after here we are hunchbacked, because of stress and problems, would we say. Not.

Straight pose and walking reflect a self-confident, stable, proud, and strong person. If it is so hard to become straight right now, star wake-up earlier and practice morning exercises.

Here you are a great one:


Damaged accessories

Ok, maybe you think that is so hipster, but not! The case for glasses or cellphone, pen, agenda… those things aren’t expensive and so much represent your style. Even you don’t have enough money for stylish accessories you can find cool stuff on Amazon.

The plastic bug is disgusting, and its purpose is only for a grocery store! Don’t use a plastic bag as a handbag!

You eat like a barbarian

You maybe notice people who are trying to put all the food on the plate when they are on some event. Wish you can ask: Hey man, you will eat all that food? Instead of that, you will probably think: Oh well, he probably was so needy and hungry during childhood.

A gourmand is something else, but if you need to put and eat all the food you can see, probably you have some disorder. Try to eat finely, properly, not only in public, yet you are alone.

Take food as much as you need, eat slowly, keep it elegant, use a napkin. If after a while, you still feel gullible, you should help yourself and look for the therapist.

You speak like a barbarian

Stop using interjections and street language, you aren’t a drug dealer, for God sake! Successful people speak clearly, not too much load, and polite. Start recording your voice when you talk with your friends, and you will notice progress. Imagine TV cameras recording you all the time, or someone significant person watching you and acting as a royal!

You continuously are late.

No, it’s not funny when you show messy and confused with 15 minutes lates, except a case of an earthquake.
Delay is also a feature of a mentally disabled person who does not appreciate either another’s or her own time.

If you do not appreciate yourself, how do you think others value you?

There are a lot of ways for managing time and duties, and the simplest is – prepare yourself and go at the right time!

Ok, let’s conclude now. A great style isn’t something that you can buy or learn in 5 minutes; it also doesn’t belong only to reach and famous people. It is a process which means continuously work, growing and enjoying this way. Good Luck and buy us a coffee when you became prominent.

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