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KOKOLOGY TEST: On your birthday…

KOKOLOGY TEST: On your birthday…

Solve this kokology test and find more about you and certain people.It’s your birthday today, and you’ve gotten a unexpected message and biggest package.

Morocco, magic suitcase full of dreams and some dresses

Morocco, magic suitcase full of dreams and some dresses

Piece of thoughts and ideas are left with the “discarded” dress and the impression of how difficult it actually is to pack when traveling to the land of magic lamps, flying carpets, and “The Little Prince”, inspiration is inexhaustible.

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A Message From Our Editor

I agree in part about “working on myself”, “the best version of myself”, and similar, but there is something much more important. To truly blossom and sparkle, we need to get rid of darnel. Mental, social, emotional. We need to remove all those layers of fear, prejudice, low self-esteem, and you will see that there will be no need to improve because we were born pure and perfect.

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