Boost your energy, feel happier, increase self-confidence, better communication, improve your mood, set your boundaries, get rid of prejudice and fears

Standard generates revenue, not opposite

Standard generates revenue, not opposite

How do we convert “invisible” revenue to “visible”? First, we need to become aware of their “invisible” revenue. “Invisible” revenue is all that provides us with a sense of standard and is not realized as a financial income. That’ll explain to you in your example.

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I agree in part about “working on myself”, “the best version of myself”, and similar, but there is something much more important. To truly blossom and sparkle, we need to get rid of darnel. Mental, social, emotional. We need to remove all those layers of fear, prejudice, low self-esteem, and you will see that there will be no need to improve because we were born pure and perfect.

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