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Does he have another girl? The signs you shouldn’t ignore

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]In fact, within the relationship, we bring not only our individuality, with their own strengths and weaknesses, but also and above all their daily life, fears, anger and weaknesses, those that in the company of the other can become more bearable.

Indeed, a good couple has the merit of being composed of two people who support each other in difficult moments and rejoice together in beautiful and positive ones. However, there may be phases of life in which the partners want different things or have needs that the other cannot satisfy, a situation that can lead to serious consequences, such as breaking the relationship.

In some situations, it may happen that one of the two feels the need to satisfy his needs by seeking satisfaction outside the relationship. However, the signs of betrayal are not always easy to identify and if he has another we may not notice it immediately. We shouldn’t take for granted that he is unfaithful to us, even if the conditions described below occur, let us keep them only for example as an indication to keep our eyes more open.

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#1 Take advantage of every opportunity to getaway

If he has another he will certainly need to leave home more often (or come back later) to be able to see her. Extra meetings, work to be done, dinners with the boss or five-a-side football on different days of the week? Caution.

#2 Keeps his phone always close

An infidel, by nature, always fears being discovered, so if he keeps the phone more attached to himself than in the past, it could be to prevent his betrayal from becoming public.

#3 Frequently avoid moments with you

Let us remember that betrayals are often the cause of the rupture, but sometimes they are instead the consequence of an unstable or unsatisfactory couple relationship. So if he avoids moments with you, open your eyes.

#4 Doesn’t speak about his day

If he used to tell you about his days and working life, friends and family, but now he is silent and barely answers the questions, ask yourself why.

#5 Doesn’t want to make plans

-Beware even if he deviates any speech that concerns projects for the future. Even planning holidays together could become difficult. If he has a lover, he will certainly have to think about how to manage both of you.

And most important: listen to your intuition! Even you didn’t notice those signals if you have a feeling that “something gone wrong”, likely it’s true.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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