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How to heal a broken heart?

Getting over a breakup can be really hard, especially if you are not the one who ended the relationship. In the beginning, you will ask yourself different questions – why he/she left me, am I good enough, am I pretty/handsome enough…and maybe at some point, you will ask yourself if your broken heart will ever heal?

Well, don’t worry, it will, you just need to give yourself time, accept emotions you are dealing with at the moment and be patient. But, be aware that having a broken heart sucks, and you will have to go through a rough time until doesn’t suck! Let’s call that this your new adventure where you will learn a lot about yourself, your emotions, strength, weakness…

You are just a human being – feel it all

Don’t worry if you feel sad, angry, scared or you are in „emotional pain“ after your breakup, that is normal, it was a big shock for you.  If you want to heal, you need to feel and experience every single emotion after a breakup, instead of pushing them. Just observe how you feel, say to yourself that you are sad/angry/devastated, write down emotion you feel, and repeat to yourself that you are a human being, it is ok to feel that way, and everything will be ok, you just need time, space and to be patient.

Talk to someone

Don’t isolate yourself! Maybe it won’t heal you, but it will certainly help if you share your story with someone you care. Tell a friend or a sister, brother how do you feel, and let them know how they can help to get through this period easier. Don’t forget about a hug, it is „medicine“ for your soul.

Take care of yourself

There will be days when you won’t have the energy or will to get up, make yourself a meal,  go to the supermarket, but in those days just remember to love yourself. It is ok If you stay at home the whole day, but play some music, enjoy in a box of ice-cream, take a warm bath, tomorrow is a new day and you won’t be feeling the same.

Just be in the present

You weren’t right for each other, accept that. Don’t think about romantic moments you had at the beginning of the relationship, you were just getting to know each other. Most of all, don’t worry about the future! You will probably ask yourself if he/she will find someone else soon, will he/she be happier in that relationship…those questions and thoughts are not good for your mental health, just be present at this moment, observe what is happening today, at work, home, with your family, friends. You won’t experience the same moment twice!

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