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How to recognize a toxic relationship? We give you 6 signs

If you are in a relationship, you know that they are hard work. As you probably know, no relationship is perfect, even with your partner, friends or family. Fights are normal and you don’t have to agree with everything the other side is telling you to agree with…but, a good relationship makes you feel respected, happy, accepted and free to be who you really are.

If you constantly feel sad, frustrated, exhausted, drained and distressed and that has something to do with the other person you are having a relationship, then those could be a sign of a toxic relationship.

Work comes from you

For a relationship, you need two people, but if you are doing the work just by yourself, that is not good. You need to work together and deal together with any kind of problem you have. If just one person is doing THE WORK it can be exhausting and that person probably is not enjoying this relationship.

Being passive – aggressive

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize if someone in a relationship is acting passive – aggressive, but when you see signs, you will know that you are in a toxic relationship. If your partner has a problem with something you did or say and he/she is not honest and direct with you, but later will manipulate with this situation and blame you for that, then it is time to have serious conversation with your partner – because this is not a healthy way to deal with a problem.

No place for privacy

If you haven’t done something to hurt or betray your partner, and still he/she doesn’t trust you, then something is going on. In a healthy relationship, partners deserve some level of privacy but also trust. If he/she always goes through your text messages, appointments, bills, there is a sign of toxic in your relationship.

It feels like you are stuck

You need to trust your feeling, and if you feel like you are stuck in this relationship, then something is not working great. Maybe you look like a happy couple when you are with your friends, but when you come home you have a bad feeling in your stomach – don’t ignore it. Have time just for yourself and try to explain to yourself what you don’t like, have an honest conversation with your partner and if he/she is not responding or blaming you for everything, he/she is not ready to work and make this relationship better.

Lack of communication

As couples get to know each other better, there should be a progression in their relationship. But if there is no one and you have poor communication with your partner, then your relationship can not move forward.

You are not “allowed” to say NO

A healthy relationship is one with respect and also communicating with your partner what you want and don’t want. If you say NO to something he/she wants and if your partner reacts like it is a bad thing, that can be a problem. A caring partner will respect your opinion and wishes even though it is not the same as theirs.

It is important to work on your relationship, but if just one person is doing that, what is the point? If you are with someone who suffocates you it is ok to just leave. You deserve love, respect, to be happy, and if you are not then he/she is not worth fighting for.


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