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How to survive hangover successfully

So, here you are quick, healthy and verified tips which will help you to survive “morning after”. Don’t be lazy or ashamed – staying in the bad for the whole day is the worst thing you can do.

Get up and get out

Loafing around in your PJs till the afternoon just prolongs the pain; it’s like pulling off a Band-Aid one excruciating millimeter at a time. Opt for the quick rip, aka exercise.

“Physical activity floods cells with oxygen and releases mood-boosting neurotransmitters”, says exercise psychologist Heather Hausenblas. Even a brist 10-minute walk will help.

Manage the after-hours munchies

After a few drinks, the fast-food drive-in has a strange magnetic pull. Prepare by stocking your kitchen with the right late-night snacks.

“Drink tomato juice and eat whole-wheat crackers with raw honey”, advises integrative dietitian Esther Blum. The juice and honey both contain fructose, which studies have found helps the body metabolize alcohol more effectively. Bottom line: You’ll feel better in the morning and so will your conscience.

Replenish at breakfast

There’s a reason your body craves a greasy breakfast after a night of partying. “Fat sticks to the stomach lining, which slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream”, explains Albers. So go ahead, eat some (lighty) butteres toast or whole-wheat pancakes.

And have a glass of orange juice to replenish depleted vitamin reserves.

How to survive hangover successfully: Try these 5 tips

Prickly pear extract

Popping the fruit extract (available at healthy food stores) before drinking can alleviate dry mouth and nausea.


Alcohol leaves the body overly acidic. This classic bicarbonate neutralizes the stomach one fizzy bubble at a time.


Researchers have found that amino acids in this veggie accelerate the breakdown of alcohol, reducing the symptoms of a hangover.

B6 vitamins

In one study, the vitamin decreased hangover severity by 50 percent. B6 supplements are available at most drugstores.

Mercy soda

Consumed before bedtime, this can offset acetaldehyde, toxic alcohol by the product that contributes to nausea and headaches.

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