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Overweight is not a big deal maybe, but indicates that you are in huge problem

Wait for a second and let’s think how much time is enough to gain 5 kilograms overweight. Imagine an average person, not one who eats and drinks enormous. One month, two, or maybe three? It depends on metabolism, daily agenda, and eating habits, so, let say a few months is enough to gain 5 kilograms.

If you are 5 (or more) kilograms overweight than you are the perfect collaborator for this topic.

Let’s think together – WHAT causes a gain of kilograms?

  • inactivity
  • unhealthy food
  • alcohol
  • sweets and soda
  • stress
  • (write your answer)

The next question is WHY did you allow yourself become overweight? There you are the most common answers:

  • I don’t have time for exercise.
  • Also, I don’t have time for cooking (I don’t know to cook).
  • I’m constantly under pressure.
  • Sweets, soda or alcohol make me relaxed and help me to forget problems.
  • I know why I gained weight, but I don’t have enough money to fix that.

It is obvious that those answers are nonsense and excuses. Only a loser can say that and believe that it’s true.

One day I woke up and realized that I have 75,2 kilograms. It’s almost 15 kilograms above my ideal weight! How I got there? How did my dress size 36/38 become 40/42 (sometimes 44)? I am a hot chic, not roly-poly! What if I meet potentially “mister right”, what he may think about me? “She is definitely cute, but she doesn’t care about herself.” Read again and carefully previous sentence – she doesn’t care about herself!

It’s equal to be sloppy. A person who has messy hair, dirty nails, damaged clothes, and shoes obviously doesn’t care about self. Overweight is the other side of the same coin.

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Imagine yourself as a car. You drive every day to the work and back, meanwhile, you will take kids to kindergarten, go to the shopping, drive a friend to the airport, sometimes, the road is damaged, or because of crowd you are late, so you will become nervous and hurried. You don’t have time to think about the car (yourself), you will fill the tank (when the red lamp reminds you). Yes, the car has a purpose, but it needs care!

If you continuously try to finish stuff and duties, fix the problems, and please others, without the time and care for yourself, you will end up on “care waste”, overweighted, or even sick.

Ok, I don’t want to be overweight anymore, what’s next?

First, at all, forgive yourself. Stay in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say slowly, with patience:

– I am sorry because I neglected you. You need care, patience, love, nursing and you deserve it. Who lied to you that everything is more important than you? You are in the first place! I accept this current condition, but I choose health, normal weight, active life and myself as a handsome person.

Go for the shower and put the most expensive body milk and underwear on yourself. Your winning road just started!

Things you need figure out

Some time ago, my friend invited me for a night on the town.

– I cannot – I said – I am fat and don’t have anything to wear.

It was true. Most of my dresses became too small for me. Actually, dresses remained the same, but I became huge. 🙂

Likely, my friend is a psychotherapist.

– Start running. Or fast walking. Take your jump rope. Every day at the same time (for example, 8.00AM or 8.00PM). Your body needs routine and exercise will give it a signal that you are in an active mode.

“Old me” would say “But I don’t have proper clothes for exercise”; instead of that, I grabbed first shorts (enough big for me) and run to the gym. I bought a lot of meat, vegetables, and fruits. No more junk food. No more “solace” drinks and sweets. No more kinds of stuff that aren’t good for me. I don’t wanna be any more cute roly-poly. I wanna be the best version of myself.

No, it wasn’t hard (say hello to beer, pizza, burgers, pasta, playing games or surfing by hours), because of my motive.

I don’t want to lose weight because I am desperate. I want to lose weight because I love myself!

I canceled one client who is “hard” for cooperation. I notified my friends that I don’t drink alcohol anymore (they were shocked when I danced until 4.00AM in the club drink water only). Some people were almost insulted, “but you MUST take a piece of my birthday cake”, “you MUST drink at least one glass of alcohol, I am getting married!”

– No, I mustn’t. And please respect my decision. I would support you in every decision which brings you benefits – that I would say.

If you decided to take care of yourself and be fit, congratulations! It is the best and greatest decision ever!

But, please, be aware of this distinction:

the food which provides kilograms


food which is good (not only healthy) 
for me

It’s about focus. If is your focus overweight, it will take much time, you will stare at the number of calories on every package and measure your weight twice per day.

If your focus is to be healthy and fit, you will enjoy the process of taking care and nurturing yourself.

Go ahead, I wish you luck, and don’t judge yourself – you were punished enough. It’s time for joy.

Much love.

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