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If you are not doing this, you will burn out

If your daily routine includes getting up, having breakfast, going to work, work, work, work, and then going back home, work a little bit more, cleaning your home, making lunch, dinner for your family, maybe sometimes go for a drink with friends, then you need to ask yourself if you are happy with this kind of life, are you enjoying and do you take care of yourself enough?

If the answer is no, then you need to hear what we are going to tell you about self – care! It is very important for you to take good care of your mind, body, and soul, not from time to time, but every day. If you are doing that occasionally, or not doing at all, you can end up sick, nervous, sad, frustrated, or just burn out.

How to practice self-care

Stressful job, hours and hours on your phone and internet can make your life more difficult then you think if you are not practicing self-care. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to practice self – care, read books and articles, talk to your therapist, join self- care programs…Just find whatever strategies work best for you and implement them in your daily routine.

We give you 7 of them, feel free to try them and live your life without stress and frustration:


Exercise is good not just for your body, but also your mental health. Research says that daily exercise can reduce the level of stress and anxiety,  but also helps you live longer and lower the risk of heart disease, stroke… So, take action, make a weekly schedule and create a healthy routine for your body and mind! You don’t have to go to the gym every day,  if you like working out in your home, you can find good exercise on Youtube, or maybe just go for a walk, run, do some yoga.

Learn how to say NO

If you are someone who likes to please people, then saying NO can be really hard for you…but it is important to learn how to do that! If you are saying yes to your friends, family, colleagues in a situation where you prefer to say NO, you will probably feel exhausted, burned out and anxious, because you are doing something that is not important to you. Talk to yourself, get clear what is important to you and then start practicing to say NO. Your life will be much more relaxed.

Don’t forget to eat

Different kind of food gives us energy, but also keep us healthy. If you like to eat junk food, just think about what that can do to your body and brain. Talk to a specialist about your nutrition plan, and stick to it! Of course, you won’t be on the strict You will see and feel the change.

Reward yourself

You are not a robot! If you have done a great job today, please give yourself a reward. It can be a small one, an ice-cream, walk by the river, a warm bath, or if you can afford something bigger – go for it! It is an important part of your self-care process.

Do something creative

If you feel nervous, anxious, just do something creative. Paint, write, design something and you will see how your body and mind starting to relax.

Just sleep

Maybe we can not control some situations in our lives, but sleep we can. Scientists say that the optimum amount of sleep is supposed to be eight hours a night, and in this modern society we can not allow ourselves to interrupt that “sleeping time”. Make sleep important to you and your mental hygiene.

Enjoy with your family and friends

You had a bad day at work and you just want to go home and sleep… sometimes it will help, but most of the time you will feel even more nervous or sad without the people around you. So, don’t forget your friend and family, go out with them, make dinner together or just talk with them about your problems, and you will see how love and support from them can change your mood.

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