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If you think that nobody loves you – you are probably doing some of this

[su_dropcap size=”5″]J[/su_dropcap]ust because of this blindness, you look at yourself at one moment, and you realize that “everything goes wrong,” that “no one likes you,” that is, everyone “has something against you.” The truth is different and very more straightforward, we should sincerely think and see what we do that our environment doesn’t like. In the first place, this is complaining.

Always complaining

True, most of us live poorly or not as we would like. But do you think we all complain about how bad it is for us? Other people who listen to our complains also have their problems, maybe even more significant than ours, but they do not talk about it, and if we continuously fill them with negative, it will be worse for both of us. Learn to solve your problems without involving others. Of course, you should be honest with friends, family, and partners, but they are not bins for your mental crap. Complaining isn’t a solution.

You take everything personally

This behavior may have been understandable at the time of high school. However, if you have more than 18, then you should have long understood that the world is not just around you. When you look better, you, and we are all only male particles in this universe.

You are not the center of events, and other people do not think and do not talk about thee without ceasing, they may spend a few minutes on you and then turn to their business.

Me, me and only me, everything is about me

Also, this behavior is understandable for high school students. In short, you’re oppressive to others! You should understand that self-confirmation is not about everyone admire you. The respect and recognition of others we receive thanks to real values such as sincerity, justice, compassion, ability to help and listen, not just impose an opinion…

The cause of “Me, me and only me” behavior is in unconfirmed personal news, so you should find out in which segment of your life you are unproven and to work on it.


There are a whole series of behavioral patterns that reject people from, and we can easily detect them: imagine that someone else is in your presence and think if you would like such a person.


In this question are the whole essence and the answer to what we need to change with ourselves. And when the environment sees that you accepted your mistakes and you are ready to work on yourself, they will appreciate you much more then you would achieve by pressure.

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