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Have you ever wonder...

I’ll buy you a drink only once. There no will be the second time

At every dating or usual clubbing, I used to pay a half or a whole bill; until I learned something which we called man’s and woman’s principle.

Some time ago, I organized a classical music concert for one guy and me. We were at the beginning of our relationship. After the show, on his suggestion, we went to the dinner although I wasn’t hungry neither he asked me if I’m.

I ordered something to eat because of the decency. Oh, he let me be decent when a waiter brought a bill. Just like that, he took half of the money, which I didn’t find wrong (I knew about his bad financial situation).


While we were leaving a restaurant, he ordered a cab because “he cannot walk in his stylish shoes.” He offered me a ride to my house, but it was ridiculous because I live 5 minutes from the restaurant.
I walked down the street in my furry coat, high heels, and elegant short dress asking him rhetorically:

“You always complain that you don’t have money. You take half cash from me to pay the bill even I organized tickets. You don’t have enough to pay for dinner, but you can afford the taxi?”

That night I swore to myself: This is the last time being a gentleman instead of a guy.

Let now talk about woman and man principle (or energy).

Since ancient times, a man brings the caught animal, and a woman prepares the meal.

Woman energy is warm. She is gentle, friendly, beautiful, kind, careful, and it’s a pleasure to be in her company.

Man energy is strong. He is stable, determined, self-confident. He provides safety, protects his family, especially his loves one. He is a leader.

Implement this in any theory or ideology which you believe, and you will see that is true. That not implicate there is “weak or strong gender,” or we aren’t equal. As a matter of fact, we are equal. But we are not the same.

If you let me buy dinner, you don’t respect mine and also your principle.

Look, my friend, I do not craving for a meal or drink so if you pay for it I must be grateful and flattered. No aren’t paying me or that food; you’re paying for enjoying.

You are showing that you are a real man who enjoys the company of his lady.

Your lady will “pay” in another way: she’ll make dinner, give you some sweet or stylish gift, spend quality time with you.

Such as you protect her, she will be gentle and warm with you.

And be aware that all of this is not about money yet matter of masculinity.

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