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KOKOLOGY TEST: Blue coat, yellow coat

Kokology is the study of kokoro (Japanese: 心) which in the aforementioned language means “mind” or “spirit”. The Kokology book series was created by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, a professor at Rissho and Waseda Universities in Japan and an author of a number of bestselling books regarding psychology and relationships. The main focus is the analysis of the deep psyche using theories from Freud and Jung. Kokology Questions typically are “guided” Day Dreams or Submodalities.

Gathering in the town square for the lighting of the Christmas tree gives people a chance to come together as a community and celebrate the end of another year. It’s a time of nostalgia and a chance for new memories to be born. People are in the holiday spirit, strangers act like friends and a sense of peace is all around.

The night is cold, and you have come with a group of friends and acquaintances to watch the lighting of the tree. In the group of people with you, one person is wearing a yellow coat and another person is in blue. Who are the people wearing blue and yellow coats? (Give the names of people you know.)

Blue coat, yellow coat: Kokology key

In psychology, bright colors such as yellow are associated with warm and positive feelings, while cool colors like blue are linked with cold, negative emotions. It may surprise even you, but the person you named as wearing the yellow coat is someone you like or who makes you feel happy, while something about the person in the blue coat leaves you cold.

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