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KOKOLOGY TEST: Deep in the mountains

The mountains and the sea – nature has a power that draws us to her. After all, we are all nature’s children, born into her world and fed on her bounty. No matter what marvels technology map develop, getting back to nature lets us feel truly alive. Medical science may make advances, but the best medicine will always be nature’s own healing power.

Your next journey will take you back to that green world, and what better setting for you to rediscover your natural self?

  1. You have set off to climb a mountain, in search of a fabulously rare stone. What is your impression of the mountain as you stand at its foot?
  2. After a hard search, you still haven’t found the stone, and now the sun has fallen. What will you do next?
  3. You have finally discovered the stone you were seeking. What kind of stone is it? Describe its size, weight, and value. 
  4. Now it is time to come down from the mountain and return home. What parting words do you have for the mountain, and what is its reply?

Deep in the mountains: Kokology key

The mountain that looms before you represents your father or a father figure in your life. In psychological terms, it is a manifestation of the archetype of the “wise old man”. The stone you seek symbolizes abilities and strengths you must discover within yourself on your own journey to adult independence.


Your impression of the mountain shows the image you have of your father. Was it difficult and unforgiving? Gentle and easily conquered? Or did you have an idealized image of a magnificent peak that somehow seemed to welcome you and encourage you in your quest?


The stone you are searching for represents your as yet undiscovered talent or strength. Your response to this question shows whether you will ever realize that untapped potential.

People who say they’d keep searching for the stone no matter what tend to show the same persistence and determination in their own lives, never giving up even when efforts seem fruitlrss.

Those who said they’d call it quits for the day but come back again to continue the search are the type who pace themselves, spreading their efforts over a long period of time. There are probably more than a few late bloomers in this group.

People who gave up looking for the stone altogether are in danger of never fulfilling their true potential.


The way you described the stone shows your feeling of self-worth. How big and heavy was it, and what did you think of its value?

“Oh, about twenty dollars or so,” Hmmm, that’s not much of an appraisal, is it?

“It turned out to be a huge diamond worth millions!” Hold on now, let’s not get carried away with ourselves.


Your parting words to the mountain reveal what you have always wanted, but never been able, to say to your father. The mountain’s reply shows your idea about his feelings for you. Do you recognize any of these patterns?

You: “Thanks for everything.”
Mountain: “You take care of yourself.”

Did you have that kind of ideal exchange? Or did it go more like this:

You: “Well, it looks like I’m finally through with you.”
Mountains: “You can say that again!”

Maybe it’s time you and your father sat down for a talk.

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