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Money is a reflection of the relationship to work

It is the prosperity we all long for. In my opinion that this is a completely normal and natural human longing, which will soon be realized. However, so far it has been the utopia and the privilege of the elite (aristocracy), while “ordinary” people flock to the fate that they have to work hard and hard to feed themselves and their family.

Today, people no longer just want to envy wealthy heirs and observe them on the magazine covers. That’s why they plan to earn as much money as they can, so they do not have to work longer (or some time), be jet-setters and enjoy wealth and leisure. The only problem is that they only focus on the second element of well-being, which is the standard they want to have and have neglected the first part, which is a pleasure in the work.

Although it is very childish to think that we can enjoy the standard if we do not enjoy the work, yet such an attitude is even offered by some economists. Get as fast as possible as much money and achieve a certain standard in one segment of life, which we think is the most important, floating from hollow to a blank (rebalance) and complete ignorance of the nature of money and its natural course.

Such thinking is dangerous because it distorts the truth about money and blocks its natural course. Money is intelligence that connects and aligns producers and consumers by serving as a measure of the quantity and quality of creative energy invested in creating value. Therefore money does not exist for itself and it is completely meaningless to deal with the “shortage” of money. It’s like we’re dealing with a shortage of pounds or miles.

Money does not create a lifestyle but faithfully reflects it

The way of life is the way we live (we control it with its life energy) and it depends solely on our relationship with ourselves, our work and with other people.

So the real question is, “How do I have a relationship with my work, how do I experience work?” (To repeat – money is only a reflection of that attitude).

So let’s see why our work is so hateful. For two reasons, the first is that we think we have to work to become a member of the community (show that we are worth it) and the other is what we do for profit (the need for others to recognize our value), not because of self-expression and enjoyment. The result is the conviction “we have to work if we want to be accepted and recognized”. This fact creates coercion and turns every activity, sooner or later, into effort and commitment. So, the work has two features that are interrelated. Contrary to work, hobbies, recreations, and fun activities are volunteered and we enjoy them because we do not do them for making profits (to be worthy of it), but from the soul, because of the pleasure in expressing Himself and his values.

Therefore, we can experience every activity like work and as a hobby, as pain, and as a pleasure – it all depends on us. Activity is an immanent life and is an integral part of our personality. The problem arises only when we are doing activities we do not want or when we are doing them from the wrong motive, in the wrong way.

Why then while we thinking about work and earning, we are feeling pressure, losing feelings of ease and enjoyment? Why do we feel money and economy as something rough, cold and unmanageable?

We have been identified work, earning, and material standards with the physical dimension. We have forgotten spiritual dimension – that work is the way of expressing Self, that earning is the result of our contribution to the general well-being, that the material standard is an indispensable condition for our life experiences.

This creates a conflict: we can not do what we want and enjoy it at the same time. This conflict is based on a collective belief that we should not do what we love and earn income at the same time. Because of such beliefs, we will always be embarrassed to receive money (earning) the job we love.

This conflict gives us a choice – or doing what we love and not being paid (or very little paid) or doing what we do not like, but no guilt for earnings. Unfortunately, that conflict ends so we do what we do not like for a small salary.

If we want to get rid of it, we need to change the consciousness of work and money and correctly align these two concepts.

According to the classical economy, work is the process of spending human manpower (mental and physical abilities) in the process of business. The keyword is spending. After the work process, we feel exhausted, and money is perceived as just compensation for spent energy and time spent. That’s why we need rest and activities that will restore our strength.

If is it true that our activities make us exhausted and spent, then we would be tired of every activity.

And we know it’s not like that. We feel exhausted while doing things that we must do. According to this “logic”, the work is duty, obligation, “must”. Let’s start asking questions before we do something: “Do I want to do this?” And we just need to stop doing what we do not want.

We will solve the problem with the work only when we realize that our right, task, and purpose is being free to express creative potential (which everyone has) and deliver the results of creative work to other people.

When we really start to express ourselves freely and enjoy each and every activity we will realize that the job is not something separate from us and that no one can give or take it away from us.

There is a prejudice that creative is just an artistic expression and research work. But that is not true. Everything is creative that we do from the heart, whether we walk, cook, talk, sing, dig, write, sit … Indicators of creative expression are joy and pleasure. When we “free” the work, we will enjoy every activity. It will stop the division into work and rest because we will no longer spend, but in the creative work, we will spread our creative channel and raise the energy level.

A person who achieves his potential freely expresses himself, enjoys work and has the awareness that by his work he contributes to the general well-being – a successful and happy person. For such a type of work, there is no retirement and rest. It’s life itself.

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