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Morocco, magic suitcase full of dreams and some dresses

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But, nevertheless, Morocco, here I come! Marrakesh is the fourth largest city in Morocco by size and population, and the fourth royal city, with Fez, Meknes, and Rabat. It was founded by King Yusuf IBN Tahfin, the first king of the Almoravid dynasty in 1062, and the very name Marrakesh is a Berber word meaning “God’s land”.

After a painful customs check and terrible traffic, I manage to find my driver (whom I agreed to when booking accommodation).

As we drive toward the city, I observe the sky and am mesmerized – 1000 shades of pink in the fight against the dusk, which is certainly already taking over primacy. Now, I understand why Morocco is also called “the land of the setting sun”. The scene is beautiful!

What followed briefly shook my impression. As if from a dream, the noise of a busy street brings me back to reality. The driver stopped and honked the horn, and in front of us, a man with a carriage and a horse came to a standstill. We enter Medina, a historic part of town, passing by the beautiful Koutoubia Mosque. The smoke from the shops of street food vendors mixes with the smell of hookah, falling and smashing into dirty streets.

The buzz of people mixed with sirens complements the impression of general chaos in traffic. Heaps of men sit in front of local cafes and look absent-mindedly in an indeterminate direction. It all makes me feel nervous and just as I thought to myself “as long as my hotel is not here”, the driver stops and informs me that we have arrived. I cannot say that at that moment I did not experience a kind of cultural shock with the scene unfolding before my eyes, but I boldly stepped forward into a new country, a new adventure, and a completely different culture.

And then the adorable receptionist opened the door of the hotel and I was shown all the beauty and splendor of The Riad. The Riad is actually a traditional Moroccan house with an internal atrium, a small private garden and all windows and doors facing it. Usually, all this is decorated with a fountain or a smaller pool, complete with handmade doors with woodcut arabesques and lamps. I found myself in Aladdin’s fairy tale again.

The “Red City,” as Marrakesh is called, is located at the foot of Mount Atlas, behind whose slopes begins the largest desert in the world, the Sahara. This city is a real treat for all lovers of architecture, history, and art. Particular attention is drawn to the so-called “zellige”. Zellige is a decorative Moroccan tile making technique. This technique appeared in the 10th century and was modeled after Greco-Roman mosaics. As the figurative portrayal of humans or animals is forbidden in Islam, the motifs on these tiles, and in general, in the decorative arts, are generally geometrical shapes and patterns.

One must not miss the sights of Marrakesh such as the “Palacio de Bahia”, “Medersa Ben Youssef”, El Badi palaces “,” Saadian Tombs” and of course, the inevitable famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square. This is the main event, the vein of the city. Here you will see all that you have not had the opportunity to see so far. Snakes dancing to the sounds of zurla, trained monkeys, women who will traditionally paint your hands with henna, others who will tell you your fate, the most delicious food (Moroccan cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, Berber, and Andalusian) and of course, there is shopping!

Marrakesh is known for its bazaar, which rests on the aforementioned square and is part of Medina. It is made up of small narrow streets, which intersect and cross each other, so you must take care not to stray. There is a wide selection of craft stores or merchandise counters, ranging from handmade traditional garments (abayas and kaftans) to leather, everyday items, furniture, to spices and argan, of which Moroccans are particularly proud. After all, it is here that the famous Carrie Bradshaw meets Aidan in the sequel of the movie “Sex and the City”.

One of Morocco’s main attractions is going to the desert (La Palmeraie) and riding camels. I must admit, the feeling is special. My first close encounter with this species almost ended in disgrace; I do not know how to survive this male’s teeth, but I do know that in the future, I will very carefully choose the photo scenery, as well as the posing site. (My “style mood” this time around was the safari element.)

Do not miss the tradition of drinking Moroccan tea! Alcohol is officially banned in Muslim countries, so this is probably one of the reasons why they call tea Moroccan or Berber whiskey.

Atay Moroccan tea is not just a drink, it is a tradition, a symbol of hospitality and Moroccan culture. Atay is a combination of Moroccan tea and mint. My outfit this time around is an oriental pattern paired with a striped pattern and a typical Oriental handmade necklace.

In addition to tea, beautiful parks and gardens are a real refreshment on hot summer days. This is how you will find in the center of Medina, as its name itself says “Secret Garden”. Tucked away, hidden between the walls and narrow streets, this is the place where all the noises are replaced by birds chirping, exotic plants, and scenery. Apart from this garden, Jardin Majorelle, which is located in the new part of Marrakech and covers an area of ​​12 hectares, is certainly more famous. The garden was erected and designed by French artist Jaques Majorelle and later purchased by designer Ives Saint Laurent. Make the most of a “visit” as stylized as possible, as this magician and heir to the Great Dior observes you from every plant in his garden.

Finally, wanting to complete this fairytale trip in the right way and in style, on the last day of my stay, I leave for the famous La Mamounia Hotel and its gardens, a place of incredible luxury and glamor, a favorite spot of many bloggers, giving you countless scenes for taking pictures. I chose a purple-red dress and earrings of the same color, contrasting with the richly decorated architecture and dominant arabesques. From the atrium to the garden, every part is breathless and the culinary skill of the hotel chef and chicken in sweet-salty orange and pomegranate sauce is the highlight. Another Moroccan specialty.

With full bellies, suitcases, and impressions … the effort paid off and everything somehow overflowed and replaced with a smile of pleasure on my face. Morocco is certainly an atypical country and as such is well worth a visit.

Leave every expectation and every prejudice behind you and set off with a pure heart and an open mind into one new adventure, because that is the only way you can feel the spirit of this distant land, a land of incredible contrasts.

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