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Overcoming procrastination – here is what you need to do

The best way to write about procrastination is to procrastinate while you are writing this article. That really happened and I have been writing this article for two days!

So, let me introduce you what procrastination is – it takes many forms, and the most common way people procrastinate is by switching focus from one important task to another less important.

Some of us usually procrastinate by spending a lot of time on our mobile phone, social networks or just playing some games and waiting the right moment or inspiration to come so we can start for example writing article or finish an essay or just start learning for the exam, start with exercise or whatever else you are trying to postpone doing…

If you recognize that you are doing this, then it is time for reaction and different kind of action:

Set your goals

If you want to overcome your procrastination first you need to set your goals. They need to be clear, and if you want to start with exercise 3 times a week, you shouldn’t say “I want to start exercise more”, you just say and write down “I am going to run 3 times a week for half an hour for a month”, that is much clearer, but also achievable and realistic.

For example “be more healthy” is a relatively vague goal, and you are therefore more likely to procrastinate when pursuing it than you are when pursuing a goal such as “drink only water and avoid eating fast food for the next month”. Similarly, “start exercising” is relatively vague, while “go to the gym at least 3 times a week, for at least 30 minutes each time” is much clearer.

Find a reason why you are procrastinating

Ask yourself in what situations do you procrastinate (maybe you do that when you don’t set your goals clearer or when you are working from home), but also how you procrastinate, what do you do and in the end why do you procrastinate – are you distracted, stressed, overwhelmed…When you answer all of these questions, it would be easier for you to recognize when that situation comes and then find a way to overcome it.

Make it easier for yourself to get started

Just create a plan of action – prioritize your tasks, if that task is to big just break it into a smaller one. If you need help, just ask for one, change your work environment if you can, remove distractions, turn off wifi… You can also use time management techniques and it is good also to set a concrete deadline for that task. For some tasks, you can also make to-do lists. Every one of us functions differently, so we need to find our own way how to overcome procrastination –there are a lot of different techniques on how to complete a task you have never started. We can give you one example – try 2 minutes rule – when you have two hours task to finish, you just focus on the next two minutes of the task, and your brain will function differently.

Take breaks

You will need one just to clear your head and to boost your energy to get back to work. If you are working on the computer, just stretch your legs for two minutes, or make lunch, have a short coffee break, do whatever you need to boost your energy and start fresh and motivated.

Reward yourself – this is important!

When you finish your tasks it is good to reward yourself for “job is done”. It can be just a box of ice-cream, chocolate, a long walk or pair of shoes…After that reward you will know that the task wasn’t that hard, that you “did it”, and you can finish whatever you started.

Forgive yourself for past procrastination

This can also help you procrastinate less in the future. Just acknowledge that you have been procrastinating, then forgive yourself for it and prepare to move forward.


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