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Question of all questions: WILL HE CALL ME?


  • You often checked when he was last online
  • Although he is online, he doesn’t contact you
  • More imporant of will he call is why will he call you

Trust me, my dear, I heard “will he call me” from my friends almost 2000 times during 20 years so, you will not find a better specialist about this question than me. No matter how old you are, I certainly know how you feel.

Before we break down a question of all questions, let’s figure out how and why you are in this situation now.

That is a legit case because both of you want this, so any judgment is pure hypocrisy.
Reason 1: He is a hypocrite.
Reason 2: He didn’t like you enough.

Will he call? We will see stay tuned, girl!

You’ve spent some time, and suddenly he just disappeared. First of all, messages and calls became less frequent. You often checked when he was last online; although he was online, messages and calls were missing. Maybe someone stole his cellphone? No way, in this case, he would be offline.
When it comes to that…

In theory, this is possible, isn’t it? Or, maybe he spent a whole day playing games, so mother took his phone and hid somewhere. Stop trying to find an excuse. We live in 21 century so he can reach you via mail, Facebook, Instagram, or some of the dozens of chat and social media apps.

Car accident? Was he kidnapped? Maybe he is in a hospital! Just stop! You would be informed for sure!

Okay, now we are talking! This is a reasonable reason. The real question is why is he angry? Is it a misunderstanding? Did you say or do something that is hard to get over? Is it his nature to get angry quickly and easily?

Your last reaction is very important here. Have you tried to fix and clarify things? You are not? Then wait. Are you? Also, wait.

Did you know that? Ok, everything is clear. Then make a favor to yourself and stop hopping!
You don’t really know that, but you are guessing? You will find, just hold on.

Oh, this is bad and sad. He will call probably, you know that, but, the real question is when. If you are in a “relationship” like that, it is the right time to consider a whole situation. You probably have some “hanging” people you reach when are you bored. You don’t think about those people every day, because, they aren’t the main and important part of your life, right? Think carefully, do you deserve to be someone’s “hanging” girlfriend? Think twice.


Now, we are elaborated on 85% of the reasons why a guy doesn’t call a girl, let’s talk about you, regarding what you should do.

As a first, nothing. Stop trying hoping, checking when he was online last time, asking his friend, not at all consulting feature readers. Put this situation aside.

Secondly, organize your day(s) in your own way. Go shopping, reorder your closet and stuff, do things you really like it. Try to enjoy it, it’s hard, I know, but this is only correct.

ALERT: Don’t even think dress as a reality star, go to the club and whole night overwhelming social networks with pictures and videos how great time you have! This is a move of desperation! Instead of that, act as usual. Share something like your hobbies and interests, so to speak, nothing special.


We have 3 predictions here.

1) He will not if:

  • he really has another girl
  • he doesn’t like you
  • he is an offensive sociopath
  • he is a “girl collector”
  • he doesn’t care about you

Let it be. I know that hurts, my dear, but, that is better. You really don’t need a guy like that and trust me, you cannot change him in case he would call you.

2) He will call you if:

  • he realized that likes you and care about you
  • he is bored and suddenly you come to his mind
  • he is curious

What now? Now you should play smart, girl! No matter what is reason, you should make a situation clear. Talk with him, ask him about his feelings and intentions, further there you be able and smart enough to decide what’s next.

If he really likes you and you like him, go ahead and don’t forget to improve your communication. In other listed cases, put your favorite lipstick and perfume and tell him that today is totally acceptable for boys to play with girls’ dolls. But you are not a doll, “thank you for your time and see you someday maybe.”

3) He will not call, but you will find out someday why.

Huh, this is most complicated. Sometimes (I would say almost always), Universe has plans for us. There is some supernatural intelligence that saves us from wrong people and decisions. “Who knows why that is good.”
With one hundred percent certainty, I guarantee that you will be convinced why it was better that he didn’t call you. Seeing him at some point, you will see what your life next to him would look like.
And I know you wouldn’t like that. No one girl cannot be truly happy with a guy who is able to be addle and dishonest, even once.


  • stop thinking and hoping; have your time
  • if he call you, think twice about your relationship
  • if he don’t call you, trust me, you are saved from frivolous and stubborn guy
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