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Have you ever wonder...

Searching “Starbucks near me” can lead you to love of your life


  • Instead of searching this phrase and surfing through results, you can find it in one click.
  • Don’t take your coffee time as an ordinary, not important thing.
  • Have an intention that you will have the most enjoyable time. 

Thousands and thousands of people, every day are googling “Starbucks near me”. Maybe they are in passing, or they don’t know well their living/working area. 

So, let’s see how one ordinary, daily thing can incredibly improve your life.

#1 Know your surroundings 

It’s such a waste of opportunities if you don’t know your neighborhood, the streets you walk every day, your business environment, etc.  

Take a look every day, and you will find cozy cafes, parks, concept stores, and more interesting places. Maybe you’ll don’t need “Starbucks near me” and will find something more delightful. 

#2 Call someone for a coffee 

Fast time, fast food, we became fast. Try to avoid daily duties cluster and find some time for yourself. Remember all those people that you’ve messaged “Let’s go for a coffee once”. Deep inside we know that this coffee is just a promise, an excuse, a polite way to say “I don’t have time for myself, even less for you”. 

At least one per month, check your address book and call “one-day coffee” someone. You will enjoy it, trust us. 

#3 Get some sparkle, baby

No, that doesn’t mean you should wear Christmas decorations! Want we want to say: dress like you are going to the nice branch in the neighborhood. Pick nice, comfortable shoes, put on your favorite perfume, put some effort into your appearance!

NOW: Starbucks near me

There is no need to google it. Just open Google maps on your cellphone and type Starbucks. You will get a map with location pins, and that’s how you will find the nearest.  


Get your coffee and hold for a while. Is there a cozily, nice atmosphere? Great! Take a seat and enjoy your coffee! Forget checking social networks, reading news, and mails. Instead of that, just try to enjoy your coffee and what you can see. Think about your plans, friends, movies, and books on hold… just be nice and calm. 


  • instead of a hurry, take your time, dress nice and prepare yourself for a pleasant time
  • someone who hanging on mobile seems like this: a very nervous person (with ADHD probably) or have a possessive partner
  • without hurry, the mental and physical cluster you will truly enjoy your time and probably attract someone who is there also for coffee
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