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Standard generates revenue, not opposite

While working in the Ministry of Finance, I felt I had twice the salary than I received.  I had fun with my colleagues because they thought I was joking. I explained: I have 20% as an extra to the location, because that means so much that my job is fifteen minutes away from home; I have another 20% because of the excellent working conditions because it means that I have my own large and nice workroom; another 10% revenue is the freedom that working time can adapt to other private needs; I have 10% more because I have a pause at noon, which I can spend in a park; 10% is thirty days of annual vacation; and the most valuable 30% of additional invisible revenue I feel like a reward thanks to excellent cooperation with my coworkers.

How did I get to these percentages? So, for every invisible income, I asked, “Have I left this job for a 20% higher salary, and I do not have my own workroom for that job?” I would not. It means that the standard “workroom” is so financially worthwhile. And so I checked everything in the order. This is what people spontaneously say: “there is no money I would do that”, but, they do not convert “that” into money.

And when I left the job, some asked me did I find something better. I replied that I did not go to the better, but to something quite different. The working standard that I’ve “won” now also has an “invisible” revenue transformed into financially “visible” revenue. And most importantly, the so-received income I receive regularly as I’m on a “safe salary” (which I know in my mind) because I do not depend on the market, other people, recession, crisis, and other external influences. Otherwise, by the usual criteria, I work very unsafely.

An explanation for this is very logical if we know how the materialization process works. I will remind you: the thought we believe creates a feeling, and the feeling is materialized.

We already have a standard

Specifically, if we want to make the necessary income for our standard, we need to know and feel that we already have a standard.

The feeling of a standard that we already have is generating new revenue, and the revenue we already have is achieving a new standard.

Most people believe the opposite – the revenue (which they still don’t have) will ensure a standard (which they also don’t have). Such a belief only increases the lack of standard and revenue.

For example, if they have a revenue of $5,000 and the standard is $8,000, they are trying to earn $3,000 which they believe they do not have. In this way, they are connecting attention to the belief “don’t have enough”, thereby continuing the shortage.

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For the same reason, it is not good to think about how we will with a million $ or € (which we don’t have) achieve financial freedom (that we also don’t have).

It just means:

  • our financial freedom depends solely on our true security and confidence (we already have),
  • but we have not realized that we always have as much as we need for everything we need (we do not have to know what the figure is).

But we should know that we can only accomplish what we already have in our consciousness. Likely, we already have the revenue we need in our potential.

We understand what we have only when we lose it

A difference of $3,000 we should find in the existing standard. Let’s try to find “invisible” revenue. We will always find it when we get used to thinking of that. Maybe it’s a pleasure to travel, maybe it’s a chance to learn something extraordinary, maybe it’s a passive income because we do not have to buy clothes, pay rent…

“Invisible” revenue is actually our values we do not pay attention because we are occupied with what we have not (material), and not with what we have (spiritually).

Unfortunately, most people realize it when is late. We figure out then how much health, reputation, good relationship, good job cost and would pay by gold to bring it back.

So, now it’s the right time to realize how much it is worth all that we have and be grateful for that. It will be converted to revenue and abundance.

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