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The best reason why you shouldn’t speak about guys with your bestie

How many hours, days, or week you have been spoken with your best friend about relationships? Did you really solve the puzzle called men’s behavior?

Since highschool, you are probably talking everything to your besties, mostly about situations with guys. How many times your best female friend asked you “Did he called you?” Too many? Oh, that’s not good. Not only because of guys, and let us make clear why.

At first, there is no way to, and 100% understand someone’s behavior clearly. This is impossible. Even psychologists can’t do this. So, why are you trying this with your friend? Why is someone behavior so crucial for you?

Second, you have a life, right? Are you planning to spend your youth and whole life trying to translate and demystify men’s behavior? C’mon, girl, there is an entire Universum waiting for discovering and exploring, and you are worried about one ordinary guy?!

Third, and most important – at the moment when you say this to your friend:

– What are you thinking, will he call me?
– He likes me a lot, but he is shy to show that.
– I am worried about his ex-girlfriend.

You should realize that you are in a story without big chances for success.

Oh dear, I know, that is so cruelly, but better for you to understand this at the right time. If a guy didn’t put you in a sparkly mood, if you don’t feel joy, self-confidence, you are not happy in the morning and before sleep… just let this (don’t throw away, just let). Maybe this becomes a great love story, who knows. By all odds, it will not.

There is no way to change and manage someone’s behavior. But you can change your mind, attitudes, reactions, expectations, you can improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, become an accomplished person.

After that, my dear, you’ll find your perfect guy – or current guy will discover how amazing you are, so he’ll start to behave amazingly.

What about that and your bestie?

We choose our friends by ourselves, right (also partners)? They are your reflection, your shape in the mirror. So, considering that, your bestie isn’t much smarter than you. She is also a cute and confused girl. Don’t ask answers that she probably doesn’t know.

Instead of that – just enjoy her company. You can go to clubs or choose some sport. You can discuss music, art, blogs, fashion. You can travel together. You can share real, valuable moments in your lives.

When you turn 50, 60 or 70, you will not turn back at your life and think: Oh my, there are decades behind me and I spent it on a simple conversation about guys or someone’s opinion/behavior!

Of course, it will not. At this age, you will take a look at your life and say: Thank God, I’m continually improving myself, I love and I am loved, I achieved so many things and I am entirely grateful to have people to share this. Your bestie will be within these people, equally sparkly and remarkable as you.

So, don’t bother her with stupid stories about boys!

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