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Tricks that will help you make a tough decisions, and not regret them later

Changing, quitting your job, moving to another country, getting married or divorced, having kids,  buying a house, maybe seem easy to do, but those are a big, tough decision and it is normal that sometimes can cause stress in your life.

At some point in our life, we have confronted making a tough decision, and if you don’t want to feel anxious all the time when you are making that decision, we give you few tricks that will make this procedure easier.

Imagine you are giving advice to a friend

– When we are making personal decisions, most of the time we let our emotions rule. When you pretend giving advice to a friend, you actually doing that without including your emotions and you can look to the specific situation through objective perspective.

Prepare for the worst case scenario

– Usually, you don’t need this, but when you are making a decision just try to identify what is the worst thing that could happen. This will make the decision less frightening.

There is no perfect decision

– You need to get rid of this belief and perfection because there is no perfect path for a decision to be made.

Sometimes is good to go with your gut

– You are not happy with your job, the boss is treating you in a bad way, salary is low, and you think you have “stability”. But, your gut is telling you that you need to move on and find a better job for you. Sometimes a tough decision can turn you sad, but after that comes relief and you will know that you made the right decision.

Limit the amount of information

– Yes, you need the information to make the better decision for you, but sometimes that is not the case. When you have too much information, you are making this decision process more difficult and you can feel confused. The most decisions we make are not that important as we think, so it is good to recognize that and in that case, keep the amount of information you take into a minimum.


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