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Have problems with confidence? Use these 5 tricks to boost your self-esteem

If you feel bad about yourself, compare with others, don’t like your physical look or don’t believe in yourself and what you are doing in your life, then it is obvious that you need to work more on your self – esteem.

Low self- esteem can impact the quality of your life – you can feel anxious, depressed, treat yourself badly, worry what others might think of you, don’t trust your own opinion, making decisions based on other opinions, maybe even develop an eating disorder.

Just remember – you are important and everything will be ok, you just need to practice and learn how to love yourself more then you do now.

Be nice to yourself

We all have bad days and sometimes we can think that we didn’t do great at work or with a friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, family, or we did something stupid, embarrassed ourselves in front of the crowd, or that we are not good enough.

But if we think this constantly then we have a problem. When you feel like this, just think back to all of the accomplishments you have had.

No, don’t just think, write them down. You will be impressed when you see how much you can do and that you are capable of even more. Try not to criticize yourself when you don’t do something you tough you will do differently, just think about that situation as one lecture and you will do next time better. You are a human being, you are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them!

Stop comparing yourself with others

You are you, and we are all different! We lived different lives and had a different experience, so don’t expect that we will deal with problems, situations on work the same – that is not possible.

We all have our weaknesses and strengths, and someone maybe will be good in economics, business, someone else will be good in art, music, or just being a parent.

It is important that you recognize what is your strengths, and when you are “down”, just remind yourself who you really are and continue going straight ahead.

Be active

Studies have shown that if you are physically active and doing exercise your self-esteem can go higher. Exercise doesn’t just help your body, it also helps and improves your mental health.

When you feel sad, anxious or depressed, start with small exercise, or just walk, you will see that your thoughts won’t be the same and you will feel better.

Surround yourself with good, supportive people

Find people who will make you feel good about yourself, who will support you in different situations in life.

Find someone who won’t trigger your negative and irrational thinking and helps you to get through a tough period in your life, but also be with you and share your happiness.

Always challenge yourself

Even though sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can be frustrating and hard, it can also bring you joy, great experience, and lessons.

Every day you can try doing something you haven’t done before or maybe you were scared to do. This can help you boost your self – esteem, and you will see how capable you are and can be!



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