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What makes you an educated person

Often is a sign of equality between education and academic titles. With rare exceptions, the school system does not monitor changes in society, economy, technology…

We consider someone is educated if he knows a bunch of facts. But, there is no useful knowledge, nor can expand that knowledge. Learning techniques are unknown. Learning to read and write ends with learning letters, spelling, and grammar. My two great love, programming, and linguistics have a lot in common. A lousy programming course is the same as the wrong language course! The professor comes, throws a dictionary, grammar, worksheets, and says, “learn!” As for a lousy programming course, the professor gives a book from a program, a syntax reference, and commands of a particular programming language, and then you should learn to program.

Ok, what makes me an educated person?

Skills, knowledge, and characteristics that adorn the educated person are something that definitely does not develop within the school system. There is a good reason why elite schools today focus on classical education, while plebs are dedicated to schools that have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform a particular job, without overly thinking and looking around.

Some guys, much smarter than me, who works at Princeton University, have made a list of what the educated person will do.

  • Ability to clearly think, speak, and write
  • The capability of critical and systematic thinking
  • Ability to conceptualize and solve problems
  • Ability to think independently
  • Ability to take the initiative and independent work
  • Ability to cooperate with others and joint lectures
  • Ability to have an essential understanding
  • The ability to break down essentials from trivial, lasting from transient
  • Knowing different ways of thinking
  • Basic knowledge of specific areas. Although, I would add two or three regions here
  • Ability to spot the connection between disciplines, ideas, and cultures
  • Ability to learn lifelong

What are the yields of sugar beet in Cuba is trivia, a piece of information that can be used on a quiz, but not in reality? But knowing that sugar beet gets easily renewable bio-fuel is another pair of sleeves. If you can quickly master the skill of getting it, it’s even better.

There is a big reason why physicists earn much better money in finance, especially as analysts, but graduates of various business schools.


In addition to acquiring new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking, it is necessary to know how to throw away old. Although some things are universal and many settings are timeless, concepts, ways of working, and ways of thinking change over time.

It’s never too late for new insights, spreading views and change! I have two good friends, both of them are almost hundred years old! Although the centenarians, thea are skilled in modern technology! If they can, and they are not a gloomy spirit, mind and body, which is justification for you, 50-60-70 and maybe 80 years younger? Just that will you keep it in life, extend it, and improve quality!

Death is the only justification for stopping learning, working on yourself, and inactivity! For inactivity, however, it is not. You can become a ghost, and turn on/turn off lights, crawl, move things and f… the people.

Milosh Zorica

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