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What to talk about on a first date? We give you 10 fun topics

We are sure that you want to make an impression on your first date, but let’s establish some ground rules. You will probably be nervous, but that is not the reason to overthink before a date and analyze what could happen.

We give you 10 fun topics you can talk about on your first date and avoid unpleasant silence.

  • If you are nervous, just admit that in the beginning – Maybe he/she will say the same and that will help relieve some pressure.
  • Talk about your/their favorites – It is always nice to talk about your/their favorite food, music, movie, sports team, hobby…this keeps the conversation going, and if you find something in common, that’s even better.
  • What about your/their childhood? – You probably have stories from your childhood, like where did you grow up, what did you do and how did you spend your time when you were a kid.
  • Where do you like to spend your free time – Here you can talk about your hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time – maybe walking, running, riding a bicycle, dancing, going out with friends, going to see exhibitions…
  • What is the scariest/craziest thing you have done – Maybe it was jumping out of the plane, walking 30 kilometers in one day, living abroad for a year, you will have something interesting to share with your date and let him/her do the same.


  • Do you have any special place you like to visit? – Asking this question your date can give you a few different answers, so you will have “materials” until the end of the night.
  • What makes you laugh? – Share with your date what makes you laugh, because humor is a very important part of one relationship. Discovering what things make your date laugh will tell you about his/her personality.
  • How do you spend your holidays? Maybe he/she will say that they like traveling or spending time with their family, either way, you will find out what they prefer the most and do you have something in common.
  • Describe your perfect day – For some, it would be sleeping, watching tv or just spending time outside of their apartment. After this you can see if you can share “the perfect day” together.
  • Closest friend – Ask him/her about their closest friend and what they are usually doing when they are together. This question will help you get to know who they spend their time with.


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