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You feel crisis between you and your partner. What now?

How does a marital crisis manifest itself and what exactly are the obvious signs of a crisis? And how to overcome a marital and couple…

How does a marital crisis manifest itself and what exactly are the obvious signs of a crisis? And how to overcome a marital and couple crisis?

First of all, let’s start from a premise: separation requests double during the summer, but breaks in engagements or cohabitation are also frequent, a sign that this time of year puts a strain on the strength of the couple.

Litigations, scenes, and fiery manifestations manifest themselves particularly on weekends or during the holiday, which is the period while the couple finds themselves together after months spent overcoming tiring daily commitments. The two, tense and tired, find themselves re-establishing a relationship that has been neglected, at times, for some time.

In general, after a few days of tension, the two parties reconcile; in other cases, however, nervousness increases as a sign that the discomfort has long been stifled and that the partner has failed to show it. This type of behavior is typical of people who are afraid of confrontation and the negative reaction of their spouse.

But how to understand the discomfort of the partner anticipating sudden outbursts and a real crisis of the couple? It is enough to pay attention to some warning signs, such as distracted, grumpy and distant attitudes from married life, sparse intimate relationships, all this means that the partner is maturing a discomfort that he cannot express in words.

Sudden attitudes of negativity and dissatisfaction are visible not only in taciturn people but also in those with a more solar character: these are the first evident signs of a marital or couple crisis.

It is common, in cases of removal, that one of the two elements of the couple does not communicate their discomfort to the other, or that he is silent in the hope that the other will notice what is happening. In other cases, the spouse involved in the crisis for ‘quiet living’ blocks all emotional manifestation.

Here are some useful suggestions to prevent the anger and resentment from accumulating thus generating a crisis:

Ask your partner simple questions an let him answer, without disruption.

“I see you thoughtful and distant, do you want to talk?”
“Hope you don’t have some problems. Can I do something and increase your mood”?
“Do you wanna tell me how are you feeling”?

Then listen to your partner, without speaking and interrupting. The first rule is to listen.
Control your emotions and don’t let your tears get in, don’t show your disagreement with screams or other scenes.

How to overcome a marital and couple crisis?

Before putting an end to marital history, always look for dialogue. If this strategy is not sufficient, you will immediately realize it. After every explosion of anger, the accusations will continue to be more and more heated and when these will turn into a sort of personal revenge it means that the relationship is in crisis. An act of personal revenge will inevitably lead to the end of a relationship.

Given the recent cases of violent death at the hands of boyfriends, cohabitants, and ex-husbands it is always better to communicate intentions in a quiet way. If some of you become very angry or aggressive, allow the partner to glimpse a glimmer of reconciliation.

If instead he or she were suffocating, threatening and fragile, it is the advice of psychologists to always meet them in the company of an intermediary.

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